Mary Borsellino

I am an Australian writer in my thirties. I has a bunch of tattoos and a tendency to get passionately involved with things I believe in and love. My day job is as a Media Coordinator in the nonprofit sector.

Writing Sampler

writing sampler

A free ebook containing short stories, excerpts from longer works, and a complete novel by Mary Borsellino.

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Ruby Coral Carnelian

Ruby Coral Carnelian

Where do you hide if the forces out to destroy you can find you anywhere? For three students on the run from cruel sorcerers, discovering an answer to that question is a matter of life and death. Del, an apprentice mage, Kelsie, a natural leader, and Nicholas, a born survivor, are in way over their heads and time is running out.

A rich, engrossing fairy tale from celebrated indie punk writer Mary Borsellino.

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Jewellery Design

Subtle Lunacies

Subtle Lunacies

"Vaudeville has come to town in this dark range which gives a nod to turn-of-the-century frills and flourishes."
- Grazia Magazine

An Etsy store for my handmade jewellery. Selected designs from Subtle Lunacies can also be purchased in the Melbourne, Australia CBD at All Star Comics.

Writing Portfolio


As well as books, essays, and short fiction, I do a variety of other kinds of writing. In the portfolio you can find fanfiction; music journalism; comics; comics journalism; interviews with film, publishing, theatre and television professionals; and articles related to Australia's non-profit sector.

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