Mary Borsellino

I am an Australian writer in my thirties with a day job in the not-for-profit sector. I have a bunch of tattoos and a tendency to get passionately involved with things I believe in and love.

Books & Zines

Patchwork Children

Patchwork Children

Patchwork Children is a free, downloadable zine produced by me and featuring work by a variety of contributors. Raw, clever, profound, and strange, this collection stitches together disparate notions about the body, the self, art, revenge, magic, technology, analysis of nineteenth-century science fiction, viscera and dreams.

Jewellery Design

Subtle Lunacies

Subtle Lunacies

"Vaudeville has come to town in this dark range which gives a nod to turn-of-the-century frills and flourishes."
- Grazia Magazine

An Etsy store for my handmade jewellery. Selected designs from Subtle Lunacies can also be purchased in the Melbourne, Australia CBD at All Star Comics.

Writing Portfolio

As well as books, essays, and short fiction, I do a variety of other kinds of writing. In the portfolio you can find music journalism; comics; comics journalism; interviews with film, publishing, theatre and television professionals; and articles related to Australia's non-profit sector.

Social Media