Alex Irvine Alex Irvine
Author, Monsters, Demons, Spirits and Ghouls

"It's a rambling tour through the mythologies and folklore of numerous cultures, narrated by Sam and Dean."

Jessica Harmon Jessica Harmon
Lily (ep.2.21)

"It's not difficult to act scared, I honestly feel like the whole crew could disappear and no one would know (I have a very over-active imagination)!"

Christopher Lennertz Christopher Lennertz

"I love classic Hitchcock-style suspense, but I also love the more spiritual and esoteric villains. I think that it keeps things interesting and doesn? favor one over the other."

Haili Page as Sairie Haili Page
Sairie (ep.1.09)

"When we filmed that scene there was actual fire in front of me, which helped, but I just thought about if I was at home in my own bed and there was a fire in my closet."

Raelle Tucker Raelle Tucker
Writer/Story Editor

"I think Supernatural? at its best when it balances hardcore hand-in-the-meat-grinder moments with real human themes, like grief, family, faith, etc."

Sonja Bennett as Pamela Sonja Bennett
Pamela (ep.2.09)

"Jared and Jensen are both really sweet, generous actors, Robert Singer sang during set ups, and I got to play a demon. What else can a girl ask for?"

Chiara Zanni as Tracey Chiara Zanni
Tracey (ep.2.05)

"On-camera, I think having to be up so high on the Capilano Dam was probably the hardest thing I ever did. I'm terribly afraid of heights, and I didn't tell the director that until after the fact."

Supernatural: Origins #1 cover Tim Bradstreet
Cover artist, Supernatural: Origins #1

"The possibilities are endless. You?e got two lead characters, a cool as shit car, and the entire landscape of the horror genre to mine for content."

Sera Gamble Sera Gamble
Executive Story Editor

"I turned in the rough draft, and Eric handed it back to me with notes. I flipped to that page, and in the margin, he'd written 'more sex?' I was like, 'Yes!'"

Brooke Nevin as Kat Brooke Nevin
Kat (ep.1.10)

"I would love to do another episode of Supernatural! And playing that character again would definitely interest me. I'll always enjoy playing a girl that sticks to her guns, so to speak."

Alexia Fast as Missy Alexia Fast
Missy Bender (ep.1.15)

"The house was so realistic that I had a hard time keeping my imagination under control. There were really cool things in the house -- like a wind chime made out of Missy? mother? bones!"

Phil Hester Phil Hester
Back-up story artist, Supernatural: Origins #1

"It's the sort of show I'd create if, for some reason, a network gave me that kind of gig. Ben Abernathy hunted up this assignment that was super short, and could be worked into my down time."

Georgia Craig as Sherri Georgia Craig
Sherri (ep.2.12)

"It? amazing how much a leading actor's behavior can affect a set. Jared and Jensen are so lovely and fun and easy going. They made working on the show a pleasure."

Alona Tal as Jo Alona Tal
Jo Harvelle

"I wanted her to be funny and spunky and not take any crap from nobody, and also be sensitive and show a vulnerable side to her. She's a tough chick, but she is also very emotional."

Gina Holden as Hayley Collins Gina Holden
Hayley Collins (ep.1.02)

"It's the best situation an up and coming actress can be in. Because it is the first episode to air after it's been picked up, everyone in the industry usually tunes in to check it out."

Jodelle Ferland as Melanie Merchant Jodelle Ferland
Melanie Merchant (ep.1.19)

"Although it only took a day, I'm happy I did it. I'd seen the show before, so it was strange to see the actors in real life. But hey, they gave me a signed photo!"

Guy Norman Bee Guy Norman Bee
Director (ep.1.10)

"Jensen and Jared are two of the greatest guys on the planet. Hopefully I can cast them in something else in the future, when they're done with their stint on the show."

Chantal Cholette
Production Assistant

"I try to make certain that I learn ten new things each day I work, no matter from what department."

Allan Caplan
President, Inkworks Cards

"Clearly, this is one of those series that has tremendous fan support behind it and it shows in the emails we receive and the requests that we get for more Supernatural trading card products."

Jeannette Sousa as the Crossroads Demon Jeannette Sousa
Crossroads Demon (ep.2.08)

" All of my scenes were shot on location. The water tower we filmed under was built specifically for our episode. "

Image from 1.01 storyboard Adrien van Viersen
Storyboard artist (ep.1.01)

" In the original storyboards I had her vomiting entrails, because it was unspecified in the script what was happening to her. "

Fanart by Hope Hope
Supernatural fan

" I don't turn off my academic brain when I'm watching TV, or when I'm thinking about TV, or writing about TV creatively or otherwise. "

Lindsey McKeon as Tessa Lindsey McKeon
Tessa (ep.2.01)

" There was a wonderful calm that came along with playing a character that has probably been around for hundreds of years and encompasses so much wisdom."

Anna Openshaw as Kate Anne Openshaw
Kate (ep.1.20)

" There is a twisted freeness of sexuality with Kate's character. That was fun to play. A little bloody at times but, hey. "

Nicki Aycox as Meg Masters Nicki Aycox
Meg Masters

"I think the exorcism took 13 to 14 hours to film. In the end we were all very tired, losing our minds, and of course laughing between takes to keep our spirits up. Jared and Jensen are truly a great duo to work with."

Sera Gamble Sera Gamble
Executive Story Editor

"I sometimes say it's 'the epic love story of Sam and Dean,' but that's just to tease Eric. Yes, I do keep the 'Star Wars on Route 66' thing in mind. However huge the scope of Star Wars got, it never stopped being a personal story that was very simple and family-centered at its core."

The young Winchesters Peter Johnson
Producer, Comics Writer

"It is really interesting what any parent would do, mother or father, when you lose your other parent your spouse and your kids are eight months old and four. It's not like they're eight and twelve. What do you do? What does this father do?"

Julie Benz as Layla Rourke Julie Benz
Layla Rourke (ep.1.12 )

"I found it a challenge to play a character who had such a strong faith. I felt Layla possessed an inner peace that allowed her to accept her fate. "

Tania Saulnier as Emily Tania Saulnier
Emily (ep.1.11 )

"My experience on the set of Supernatural was nothing but fun. I had a blast; it was a real privilege working with director Kim Manners."

Jovanna Huguet as Bloody Mary Jovanna Huguet
Bloody Mary (ep.1.05)

"I do love horror-genre television, although to be honest, as a kid I was terrified. I think it is funny that I get to play these horrific characters on film and TV; I think it is kind of ironic."

Samantha Ferris as Ellen Samantha Ferris

"I would say Ellen was a gun-toting, bar-owning, broad. One of the boys. Personally, I always have been, and always will be. I am tougher than a lot of men I know... In fact, most. I'm right at home in this role."

Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester Samantha Smith
Mary Winchester

"I don't think it's important that I be actually visually present on the show; it is after all about the boys and their quest. My character and her death were just a catalyst."

Tamara Feldman as Angela Tamara Feldman
Angela (ep.2.04)

"She was not malicious. I just think she was dealing with a lot of hurt and didn't know how to deal with it. My guess is that if your feelings are strong enough at the time of death they can linger around after."