Added on December 11th, 2004: stories by Asta, Dana, Hyel, Mary, Rubynye, Sanguinary and Singe added to storytellers; artwork by Hyel and Kaleidoscope in the Pretty Good Year section; the family tree by Hyel in the West section is updated; artwork by Hyel in storytellers; icons by Dana under 'links' and storytellers; links added to the pgy fanlisting & colourbar (both by Dana) and the pgy character index (by Hyel).

New as of February 12th: A new story by Singe and two stories by a new author, Mel, in 'Storytellers'. The Einwirklichgutes Jahr translation by Cuthalion in the Pretty Goody Year section has been updated also, and there are several new icons under 'misc'.

New as of December 18th: two new black-and-white and one coloured image by Hyel in the 'west of the moon' section. Cuthalion's 'a light in the window' has been updated with a newer version, and the link to Cuthalion's site is also updated. Have a happy holidays and a merry return of the king, everyone!

December 5th: the 'Pretty Good Year' section now includes a downloadable .pdf file of the collected stories, as well as new art pieces by Hyel and a cover by Serai. The 'West of the Moon' section has a new story, 'Spilt Milk', and new artwork by Hyel.'Storytellers' has two new artworks by Hyel and some lovely new stories by Cuthalion, Sanguinary, Singe, Meli, and Nanni. The links section now has Cuthalion's site listed and a new icon by Hyel.

September 25th: Due to various reasons it became necessary to split the original Pretty Good Year site into four distinct sections. Within the Pretty Good Year section, there is a translation of 'Winter's Road' into Quenya by a reader named Gilly, and a translation of the entire text into German by Cuthalion, which I'm still a little too speechless over to announce properly. The West of the Moon section contains ten previously unarchived stories, nine of which were until now buried in a thread in the pgy livejournal community, and a wholly new story entitled 'Swing'. The new site for pgy-inspired fanfiction, 'Storytellers', contains two new stories by Singe and the debut of Cuthalion as a guest writer, as well as several new art pieces by Hyel.

July 30th: A new 'west' story, 'Winter Witch', and also a short character exploration of Rosie under also the 'west' section. New artwork by Hyel and Omelton, and the following new guest stories: 'Between' by Dana, 'Gather ye Roses', 'Silk and Candlelight' and 'Three for Breakfast' by Princess of Geekland (who also has a new email address), 'Inevitable' and 'Six (revised)' by Singe, plus another look at Delphinium in the 'biographies' list. Also, letters between a Took, a Brandybuck, and a Grubb have been penned by Meli and Molly and Singe, and are under 'Delphinium's Travels' on the guest page.

May 28th - New stories from Janette, 'Changes' and 'Tuckborough Fair', Poppy Hilldweller's 'Bathtime', and Princess of Geekland's 'Famous for its Weddings' series, as well as a Finnish translation of the prologue to Pretty Good Year by Hyel, new drawings from Singe, and the debut of a new artist, Goldilocks. See, now, wasn't that worth tolerating my extremely lax updating skills for a long time?

May 7th - Lovely new images from Singe, Hyel, and Adrienne, and a few tweakages to the guest author page... I don't doubt there are more errors, though, so please let me know when you find them. New guest stories coming very soon!

April 7th: There's now a pgy 'keeper' list (see below) and several new video clips (also see below). There's a new set of descriptions of the Gardners for use by artists in the gallery. In the 'West' section, the new fics are: How Curious, The Old Stories, There in the dark and Lo for short, plus the East of the Sun story Itch. New guest stories are: Stars, Pie, The Secret Diary of Goldy Gardner, Aged 10 and three-quarters, They hear him on the sigh... and a limerick cycle by Janette, Itty bitty Elanor, Wildness, Edwardian Egyptologist hobbits and X-hobbits by Nanni, Frog, Far from home and Birthday by Meli, Delphinium's Birthday by Mary and Singe, Treehouse of Horror and Elanor Elanor Elanor by Mary, dEEr DiRY by Hope, Threats, More Threats, Threats 3, Lily from Bindbole Wood and Ink by Singe, Right, Wrong, The Very True Story Of An Elven High King In Love (Through The Eyes Of One Primrose Gardner) and Laughter by Dana, Wolf and Fight Club by Sanguinary Red, The Neon Sign by Starred Meriadoc, Ailment, Scissors for hands and limericks by Slipstream, a limerick by Hyel, and haikus by Floria. And I've probably forgotten a dozen more, so I'm sorry about that! Also, the pgy store (url in links) is updated with lots of shiny things because Hyel is really very cool.

March 17th: New stories by Singe, 'Blindfold', and Janette, 'Watching', on the guest author page.

March 13th: Hyel has coloured Slipstream's family portrait, the lovely results by these two incredibly talented artists can be found in the gallery. New guest stories are 'Sourire' by Janette, 'Knotted against the cold' by Hyel, 'Friends', ''Vision' and 'Hobbit of Constant Sorrow' by Singe, and 'a bloom is born' by les hobbits. There's also a new West of the Moon story, 'Four', by Mary Borsellino. [edit: on the 14th, 'criss-cross' by Dana was added, and the coloured picture was updated.]

17th February: A new West, 'The Way of Stories', plus gorgeous new art from Hyel and from Olivia Melton.

February 13th: Two new pieces by Hyel in the gallery, four new supernatural stories by Sanguinary and one early-wotm story by Janette in the guest author section, a new West story by Mary Borsellino in the (suprisingly enough) West section, and a link to Hyel's Rosy Ring store in the links section (no profits are being made by Mary or any other fans by the products in the shop, incase you were concerned. I do have a few ethics).

February 11th: A new poem, 'Winter' by Nanni, on the guest author page. New artwork by Singe, Katieeee, and a lovely drawing of Estella and Diamond by Hope in the gallery.

February 7th: the birthday mathoms have been added to the West page, they are 'Twelve-mile cousin' and 'Wild Cherry Tea'. The art gallery has new pictures from Hyel and Slipstream. The guest authors page has the following new stories: 'Stories' by Dana, 'First Snow' by Molly, 'Scrambled Eggs and strawberry jam' by Lora, 'Shore Leave' by Slipstream and 'Buzzard goes to Rhunland' by Rook.


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