They say you were something in those formative years
Hold onto nothing as fast as you can
Well, still, pretty good year.

- Tori Amos

1420 was known for years after as a marvellous time, but what of 1421? For Rosie, Sam, Frodo and Elanor, it's a year of endings, beginnings, and the telling of bittersweet tales.

This is a site collecting the original Pretty Good Year stories by Mary Borsellino, plus translations of the text and artwork inspired by it.

Not so much a sequel as a following of loose threads, West of the Moon is comprised of the tales by Mary Borsellino dealing with the characters after the end of Pretty Good Year.

This site collects the disparate stories which together make up the West cycle, plus related fan artwork created by readers.

Storytellers is an archive for creative work by readers of Pretty Good Year and West of the Moon which are inspired by those pieces. It contains fiction of all sizes, themes, and types, and also a gallery of images created to accompany the stories.

Showcasing a broad range of talent and a varied set of creative responses to Pretty Good Year, Storytellers is a site sure to be of interest to many readers of the original stories.

As well as spawning a fanfiction archive of its own, Pretty Good Year has resulted in the creation of various other items of interest. This site collects music videos, a non-profit store of apparel and accessory items, a lively livejournal community, and other links of interest to readers of the Pretty Good Year stories.

Pretty Good Year is an episodic story by Mary Borsellino based on the world of Middle Earth, created by J.R.R Tolkien, and taking place during the final chapter of Return of the King and beyond. Insert your disclaimer of choice here, because I'm not making a penny off this. I do it for love and love alone.

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