Mary Borsellino

I'm a freelance writer, primarily pop-media and fiction.

I like loud music and comic books and vampires and tattoos and other things which grownups are supposed to be too clever for, such as obnoxiously lurid hair dyes and staying up past bedtime, which is a bit of a worry because I'm 27 years old.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, where I have a day job as a writer, assistant editor and researcher on the journal Australian Philanthropy.

In my spare time I paint (badly), play the bass guitar (very badly) and read a lot of books (it's difficult to be bad at this, luckily).

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Interviews with me

The JOY 94.9 radio program The Outland Institute interviewed me about my "Boy and Girl Wonders: Robin in Cultural Context" for episode one of their show. I returned as a guest in episode four to defend the HBO show 'True Blood' in a debate. Listen to podcasts here.

Professor Henry Jenkins interviewed me about my "Boy and Girl Wonders" zine. Read it here.

Working Writers interviewed me about my Wolf House young adult novel series. Read it here.

The Age newspaper quoted me in an article about Star Wars fans. Read it here

The Spring 2007 issue of Bitch magazine includes the article "Cold Shoulder: Saving superheroines from comic-book violence", which contains a number of quotes from me. Read it here.

The Spring 2008 issue of Bitch includes "Whack Attack: Giving the finger to blog bandits", an article which quotes me. Read it here.

The CW Source has done an article about my Supernatural interviews. Read it here.

YEN magazine ran an article about sexism in comics, which they interviewed me for. See a scan here.

Sequential Tart ran an interview with me, focused on my comics academia. Read it here.

Sequential Tart also featured a round-table interview with a number of the staff. Read it here.

The Age newspaper quoted me in an article about Melbourne's comics culture. See scans here.

A Mythlore paper, "Reimagining Rose: portrayals of Tolkien's Rosie Cotton in twenty-first century fan fiction", includes an analysis of my stories. Read it here.

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Contact information

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