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Boy and Girl Wonders: Robin in Cultural Context

Boy and Girl Wonders: Robin in Cultural Context

"Explodes with new insights and information about Batman's oft-neglected and marginalized sidekick." -- Professor Henry Jenkins

This academia-zine examines the storytelling traditions which came together to create Robin, and those pop figures which appeared in the years following Robin's heyday. Through this exploration, the appeal Robin holds for disenfranchised audience groups becomes clear, as does the impact which these groups have had on the character's evolution.

Any revenue I make from Boy and Girl Wonders: Robin in Cultural Context is donated to charities which help children in crisis.

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Sharpest -- a tour diary


There are so many things people can be that are metaphors, tricks of speech, a word to mean a mood or talent. We can be dull, blunt, hard, soft, cool, cold, hot, warm, green, blue, bright, dim, tough, smooth, slick, thorny, broken, sharp. As far as things to be made from went, the sharpest things sounded good enough to me -- better sharpest than dullest, even if it meant never being softest.

A tour diary through concert crowds, international travel, the darkest hours before dawn, music journalism, love, depression, songs, grief, and the moment when the lights go down and the audience cheers.

Any revenue I make from Sharpest is donated to suicide prevention organisations.

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Zines I'm In

Pretty Good For A Girl is zine about women involved in music scenes. It's about girl musicians, girl techs, girl sound engineers, girl label owners, girl producers, and girl fans. I write lots of stuff for each issue of this, all under the name Mary Vein.

SuperGrrrl Adventure Comix is a multimedia second-gen riot grrrl themed zine. The first issue includes an autobiographical essay by me.

Lotripping 2004 is a perfect-bound fanzine which includes my story Eleven ways not to start an autobiography.

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